Beneficial in most cases of skin
disorders on humans and animals

Suitable for the very young to the elderly

Natural, Organic & Non-therapeutic
A Quality Product

About Us

Janne Elizabeth Cosmetics operates from Glen Innes, NSW, as a specialist  cosmetics wholesaler and retailer.


Since 1987, Janne Winter, the sole proprietor of the business, has poured her knowledge and passion into creating ONE natural skin care product to treat dry skin, cracked skin, flaky skin and itchy skin conditions and disorders.


When Janne Winter formulated 'The Crème', she aimed to provide a soothing, universal natural skin care cream that could be used by people of all ages, with all skin types and conditions.



“...I have used your natural skin care

'The Crème' for several years and I have found it to be extremely effective on general insect bites and is especially good for mosquito bites. ‘The Crème’ takes away the itch and the redness of bites in few minutes. I have no hesitation in recommending this Australian made natural skin care product, ‘The Crème’...”

H.G – Gold Coast QLD


'The Creme' constitutes a lot of human hours.
It has not been mass produced on a production line.
A lot of love goes into each jar!

One Natural Skin Care Product for a Number of Applications...

Where ordinary  creams for  general itchiness and dry skin require individual purchase, the point of difference for 'The Crème' is that it blends multiple, beneficial treatments into one all-encompassing, 
organic skin cream.

A single purchase for a number of skin care treatments!

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'The Crème' is a non-therapeutic product, has not been tested on animals and is completely safe for use on everybody, from the young to the elderly.

It is a natural, organic skin care  product and allows the skin to function effectively as one of

Because 'The Crème' is free of chemical preservatives and perfumes, the guys can use it too!

The minerals and trace elements contained in this natural skin care product are often referred to as the ‘vital spark of life’, their use is said to inspire a stress-free, serene disposition and an overall improvement in physical and mental well-being.

Regardless of the application and whatever the skin condition, we’re certain you’ll love 'The Crème'!

jannemakingthecremeLate 1980's 'The Crème' still under going trials

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