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Product - Dry Skin

Dry Skin, Cracked Skin & Damaged Skin 

Dry skin, cracked skin, cracked fingers, dry, cracked feet,  dry, cracked heels, cracked toes and dry, cracked elbows are the result of a lack of moisture and are surprisingly very common.  Damaged skin is a blanket term referring to any damage incurred by the skin.

“...I am a miner, my hands and feet get so dry and cracked . I find ‘The Creme’ very soothing and it is extraordinary how it helps big open cracks on the heels of my feet and hands to just disappear...”

Rob - NSW

Symptoms such as itchy skinflaking of the skin, cracking and scaliness of the skin, blisters, rashes or dry red patches all point to you having very dry skin or damaged skin and this requires attention.  The prevention of dry skin or damaged skin is vital to prevent further complications of other skin conditions. 'The Creme', a natural skin care treatment that really works, is now finally at hand.

Dry skin, cracked skin or damaged skin can be the result of any variety of skin conditions or secondary causes including over exposure to nature's elements and misuse of soaps, cleansers or moisturisers.  It can also be itchy and become very sensitive resulting in eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

Procter & Gamble Beauty Scientists conducted a survey and found that taking frequent hot showers and baths is one of the leading factors in dry skin.  On top of that, the very products you use to cleanse and moisturise your skin could contain harsh chemicals that actually contribute to skin dryness.

'The Creme' is a 100% natural, organic skin care product.  It is chemical and fragrance free.  It contains no preservatives and is made from the highest quality natural ingredients.  'The Creme' is the ultimate in moisturisers and can be applied whenever dry skin, cracked skin or damaged skin appears. 'The Creme' works by putting moisture back into the epidermal layer of the skin, which then allows the skin to function effectively and carry out it's role properly.

By applying the natural skin care product, 'The Crème' sparingly, twice daily, (or more often if need be), to the affected area of skin, a noticeable result should be seen within the first few days.

For over 20 years, 'The Crème' has been one of the most effective natural skin care treatments for adding moisture where it has been lost from the skin. For extremely dry skin, damaged skin, cracked skin, itchy skin, dry, cracked hands and fingers, dry, cracked feet and heels and dry, cracked elbows, ‘The Crème’ by Janne Elizabeth Cosmetics remains one of the best natural skin care products on the market.

Cracked Fingers

Dry, Cracked or Split Fingers

The best time to treat dry, cracked or split fingers and fingertips is at night. Before going to bed, simply apply; the natural skin care treatment cream ('The Creme') to your damaged fingers and fingertips, put on cotton gloves and leave on overnight.  Also, if possible, repeat this during the day.  You should see a significant; difference in the condition of the skin on your fingers and fingertips after only a couple of applications of
'The Creme'

Once your cracked fingers and fingertips have healed, you need to use 'The Creme' regularly.  Moisturising is vital in the fight against dry, cracked fingers. Rubbing a small amount of 'The Creme' into your fingers every time you wash your hands is a great way of preventing dry fingers, cracked fingers, split fingers, peeling fingers and sore fingers.

Dry, Cracked Feet, Toes and Heels

Dry, cracked feet, dry, cracked toes and dry, cracked heels are very common and can be painful and unattractive.  By applying the natural skin care product 'The Creme' twice daily to clean dry feet (or whenever your skin feels dry) you should see significant improvements very quickly.  If you are at home, you can put on a pair of thick woollen socks, after applying 'The Creme', so as to keep in the moisture on your dry, cracked heels, toes and feet.

A pumice stone can be used to reduce the thickness of the hard skin.  Soaking your feet in warm water at least once a week will help to increase blood circulation to your feet.  Avoid open backed shoes or thin soled shoes.  Cracked heels are a common occurrence for people who are constantly on their feet, thus exerting pressure on the feet pad.


You will benefit greatly by using the natural skin care product 'The Creme'.  Other people over the years have been amazed at how the cracks in their feet, toes and heels have just disappeared.


“...I am a miner, my hands and feet get so dry and cracked . I find ‘The Creme’ very soothing and it is extraordinary how it helps big open cracks on the heels of my feet and hands to just disappear...”

Rob - NSW

Dry, Cracked Elbows

Do your elbows really hurt?   Are they cracked and dry?  Do they look rough and ugly?  Does the skin feel like sandpaper? 

Our elbows take a lot of abuse during our life time and the skin thickens and becomes scaly, dry, cracked and maybe even itchy.

'The Creme', a natural skin care product, should be applied at least twice daily to your dry, cracked elbows.  'The Creme' will work wonders, making your elbows nice and smooth.

N.B.  Cracked skin can be caused by a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids.  'The Creme' is full of life giving minerals and trace elements.

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