Beneficial in most cases of skin
disorders on humans and animals

Suitable for the very young to the elderly

Natural, Organic & Non-therapeutic
A Quality Product

Real Success Stories

Written by real people in their own words

"...It is with grateful thanks that I am writing to tell you of the results of using  your natural skin care product,  ‘The Crème'. I had considerable sun damage on the backs of my ankles resulting in dry skin and scaly skin. I applied many notable brands of cream with no change at all, until I used ‘The Crème'. Very few applications were needed to completely clear the skin condition, bringing it back to normal. With Thanks..."
“...Thank you so much for your natural skin care cream you recommended I try.  For approximately 20 years I have tried many medications on my skin but none have given me the ongoing relief that your cream has. Also, just as a point of interest, my hands get excessively dry with the changes of season and more so with the continuous cleaning here at the Caravan Park with all the different cleaners etc.  Well I have noticed that from the handling of your natural skin care cream to put on my face, that there has been a marked improvement in my hands.  They are no longer dry and tender but the skin feels much stronger and healthier. Also too, my skin is looking more radiant and youthful.  So now, you guessed it, I'm going to continue using 'The Creme'.  I am often out in the sun and all types of weather, and this further advantage to me is most valuable. Thank you again Janne, Sincerely..."
Sue – NSW
"...We have been using your natural skin care product ‘The Crème' for the past couple of months with fantastic results. ‘The Crème' gave instant relief from the itchy skin, dry skin and cleared up the rash,  and broken skin after a couple of applications. We have spent two and a half years trying every cream, lotion etc, that we have heard of and your natural skin treatment is the first with the exception of cortisones creams (which we are reluctant to use) which has given  relief. The fact that 'The Crème' is made of all natural ingredients with every known mineral and trace element to man is an added bonus. With Thanks…"
S and J.L – NSW
"...I am a miner, my hands and feet get so dry and cracked.  I find 'The Creme' very soothing and it is extraordinary how it helps big open cracks on the heels of my feet and big cracks on my hands to just disappear..."
Rob – NSW
 "...My daughter in the USA has asked me to congratulate you on producing your natural skin care product, 'The Creme'  for it has helped her dog's itchy skin, dry skin and skin rash so much. The vet couldn't believe how her  dog's  skin condition had disappeared ..."
R.P – Chatham NSW
"...I have psoriasis on both elbows and I could not keep them on the table. I am more than pleased with the changes since I started applying 'The Creme'. It keeps the psoriasis very soft and it is not sore at all. I have also been using it on a patch of psoriasis on my leg which has now completely disappeared. I massage 'The Creme' in thoroughly and if possible I do this out in the sunlight. I feel the warmth of the sun helps 'The Creme' to penetrate..."
MW – Glen Innes NSW
"...'The Creme' has been very successful with my elderly dad's dry skin, flaky skin and itchy skin condition.  He said that no other  skin treatment has given him so much relief. It is comforting to know that your natural skin care product is full of minerals and trace elements which are so beneficial to man. I thank God for that, as the poor old man was getting that desperate with the itchy skin he just wanted to take his life.  Thank God for you too Janne..."
L.W. – Mansfield VIC
"...Just a quick note to thank you for making your natural skin care product, 'The Creme'.  I have tried many creams and lotions without success.  I have found 'The Creme' to be the only cream to sooth my irritated dry skin and I personally believe that with continuous use of 'The Creme', I can keep my rash under control and maybe it will even disappear.  I hope other sufferers of dry skin will have the opportunity to purchase you natural skin care, 'The Creme' Janne and be as satisfied as I am. Many Thanks..."
"…I have tried all sorts of medications over the years as I suffer from hot feet. I have now been applying your natural skin care product ‘The Crème’ every morning after a shower and I have had no recurrence of it for over two years. I also use it for insect bites,  (fantastic for relieving the itch of mosquito bites).  I have found that your natural skin care product is also great for burns and sunburn. It takes the sting out of burns almost instantly..."
John – Glen Innes NSW
"...I wear thongs all year round and have always suffered from very dry, cracked heels.  I have tried all the leading brands of heel creams and none have worked anywhere near as well as your natural skin care product 'The Creme' .  I just massage it into my heels after a shower and put socks on for 15 minutes or so.  I love this natural skin care product 'The Creme' and could not live without it.  Thank you Janne..."
Jodi – Brisbane QLD
"... I recently had an operation causing a large 12” scar. I applied your natural skin care product ‘The Crème' which kept the  skin tissue soft and quickly assisted in the  skin healing, causing minimal scaring. Also after the operation I was confined to five days without movement on my back causing a small bleeding rash. Nothing seemed to give relief but after applying ‘The Crème' it was instantly relieved and started to heal while still on my back..."
“…For many years I have been plagued with severe dry skin and itchy skin on my legs. I have applied various prescription preparations, some of which provide short term relief for 2 or 3 hours. Fortunately an old friend holidaying in NSW, purchased a container of a natural skin care product called ‘The Crème’. I was presented with a sample which provided very positive relief. I have used ‘The Crème’ for the past 8 years and it is still the only skin treatment I have encountered which provides relief for my dry, itchy skin all day long…”
J.F – Beaumont SA
“…I have used your natural skin care ‘The Crème’ for several years and I have found it to be extremely effective on general insect bites and is especially good for mosquito bites. ‘The Crème’ takes away the itch and the redness of bites in few minutes. I have no hesitation in recommending this Australian made natural skin care product, ‘The Crème’…”
H.G – Gold Coast QLD
"...In the winter months, I suffer from extremely dry, rough & scaly skin on my legs. My legs could be likened to that of bark on a tree. Over the years I have tried just about everything on the market with very little results. Some creams would do the trick for five minutes and then my legs would be back to being very dry and rough again. Other creams just sunk in straight away doing nothing at all. Then a friend of mine gave me some of 'The Creme' to try. 'The Creme' worked instantly on my legs. They were smooth, soft and almost glowing and it lasted all day long. Thanks to 'The Creme' I now have beautiful legs all year round. I also use 'The Creme' as a full face and body moisturiser as it is the very best on the market for extremely dry skin! ..."
Cheryl – Bathurst NSW
"...I am a vegetable picker and constantly have my hands exposed to water and the sun.  I find  your natural skin care product, 'The Creme' fantastic for my dry skin and cracked hands.  Also my hair was dried and damage;  I decided to try 'The Creme' on my hair.  I rubbed 'The Creme' in, left it overnight and washed it out the next morning.  I couldn't believe how soft my hair had become..."
C.O – Goondiwindi QLD
"...I received 'The Creme'  I ordered from you. I thank you for that because I must say I am one of the many who have had excellent results with your wonderful natural skin care product. In the start my legs took a little while to adjust. Then ‘The Crème’ worked miracles. My skin is soft and moist.  I have not had clear skin for years. In time the spots have started coming back, so hence I am going to have to stick at using ‘The Crème’. This does not concern me one little bit as the end result is excellent.  This note is to order another jar of  your natural skin care product  ....   'The Creme'..."
B.S – Broken Hill NSW
"... As a very young child  I have always battled with dry skin. I have never found expensive moisturising creams to be effective. I have used your natural skin care cream now for about 4 weeks and my skin felt the benefits after one day. My face is soft and moist all day now. I even skipped ‘The Crème' one morning in a rush and my skin was still soft and moist all day. My husband said to me this morning “What have you done to your face? You looked like a 16 year old before when I saw you in the doorway!” What more can I say?…"

"All we need for health and healing has been provided by God in Nature... The challenge of science is to find it" - Paracelsus, 16th Cent. AD