Beneficial in most cases of skin
disorders on humans and animals

Suitable for the very young to the elderly

Natural, Organic & Non-therapeutic
A Quality Product

How 'The Creme' Works

We have four elimination organs of the body, kidneys, lungs, bowels and the skinWhen our skin is dry at the epidermal layer (just underneath the skin) it is like a sponge that has dried can’t do its job.

So once our skin is dry at the epidermal layer the skin cannot carry out its eliminating role as efficiently and puts an extra burden on the other eliminating organs.


"...'The Creme' has been very successful with my elderly dad's dry skin, flaky skin and itchy skin condition.  He said that no other  skin treatment has given him so much relief..."

L.W. -  Mansfield VIC

Once the epidermal layer becomes moist the skin can function much better, getting rid of waste material and so in turn, in many cases the dis-eased area of skin is alleviated. ‘The Crème’ needs to be used fairly regularly, even after the skin problem is cleared. The mineral and trace elements have the ability to take moisture to the epidermal layer.

‘The Creme' is absolutely brilliant at replacing moisture in the epidermal layer of the skin which will not only benefit your skin but also your kidneys, lungs and bowel as the moisture will keep the skin subtle enabling the skin to perform its 1/4th share of eliminating body waste products.

The mineral and trace elements, contained in the ‘The Crème’, found in the oceans, are often referred to as the “vital spark for life”. So impressive are these mineral and trace elements that they are said to be advantageous to body and spirit which will help bring about a serene disposition, mental acuity, freedom from stress to improve physical wellbeing, libido and endurance.


This is how ‘The Crème’ actually gives the body the chance to heal itself. Your body will react to the mineral and trace elements like we do to a breath of fresh air. These minerals and trace elements have been just what your poor overworked and over stressed body has been waiting for. Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed right into your system!

‘The Crème’ is beneficial in most cases of dry skin, cracked skin, and itchy skin on humans and animals and is suitable for the very young to the elderly.

 "There is so much in the world  for us all if we only have the eyes to see it,
and the heart to love it and the hand to gather it to ourselves ..."
  Maud Montgomery (1874 - 1942)