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Product - Animal Skin Care

Bring Out The Best in Your Pet

Animal Skin Care

Is your pet continually scratching, biting and licking at itself?

Does your pet constantly seem to be restless and uncomfortable?

Well, just like us, any animal can suffer from dry skin, itchy red skin, flaky skin, skin disorders, skin infections, skin rashes, dry patches, inflammation of the skin and many more minor skin conditions

These skin irritations are not exclusive to humans and therefore, just like us, animals need a good natural skin care product to relieve and prevent these irritating conditions.

Your animal’s dry skin, itchy skin, red or damaged skin can be the result of any variety of skin conditions or secondary causes including diet, allergies, parasites, nature’s elements and misuse of harmful shampoos and other topical skin treatments, just to name a few.  These conditions can result in your animal becoming very uncomfortable and distressed which also takes its toll on you.

How Can ‘The Crème’ Help Your Animal’s Skin Condition? 

‘The Crème’, by Janne Elizabeth Cosmetics, is one of the very best natural skin care products for animals on the market. 

Gently rub ‘The Crème’ on the irritated area of skin twice daily.  It helps to massage ‘The Crème’ in for a few minutes. 

‘The Crème’ will hydrate the skin at the epidermal layer, putting back moisture and soothing the skin almost immediately.  ‘The Crème’ is a gentle and natural skin care product – use sparingly as it goes a long way.  ‘The Crème’ can be used as often as required and can be used effectively on any animal with long or short coats. 

‘The Crème’ is totally safe if your pet licks the area of skin where the product has been applied.

P.S  Did you know that one of the most common calls to animal hospitals and vets in Australia and America is because of their pet’s continuous itching and scratching?  This is what veterinarians call Pruritus, meaning itching.  Itching can, and probably will affect all animals at some stage of their life.  Give them relief today.  Try ‘The Crème’ risk free.

Janne Elizabeth Cosmetics is committed to the elimination of animal testing and therefore we do not conduct animal testing of our products or ingredients nor ask others to do so on our behalf.  'The Creme' has never been tested on animals and will never be.

"...My daughter in the USA has asked me to congratulate you on producing your natural skin care product, 'The Creme' for it has helped her dog's itchy skin, dry skin and skin rash so much. The vet couldn't believe how her dog's skin condition had disappeared..."

R.P - Chatham NSW

"Signs of the times"  In a vet's waiting room: "Be back in 5. Sit! Stay!"