Beneficial in most cases of skin
disorders on humans and animals

Suitable for the very young to the elderly

Natural, Organic & Non-therapeutic
A Quality Product

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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What’s in 'The Crème'?

Wool fat, glycerine, beeswax, emulsifying wax, sunflower oil, magnesium sulphate, sulphur, potassium, sodium, bromine, carbon, silicon, lithium, zinc, and 47 additional minor mineral & trace elements derived from the natural resources of the ocean.

Is The Crème suitable for use if I'm allergic to lanolin?

Though the wool fat in The Crème is unrefined lanolin, it is of the highest quality grade. After 25 odd years of selling 'The Crème' there has never been a reported case of a customer having an allergic reaction to the lanolin.

Is 'The Crème' suitable for use if I'm allergic to sulphate?
Again, to date, people who are allergic to sulphate have not had any problems with the sulphate in 'The Crème'. Concentration of sulphate is in parts per million.
Can I use 'The Crème' on my baby/child?
'The Crème' is suitable for use as a skin treatment for customers from the very young to the elderly. Any tingling experienced upon initial application is completely normal, the result of the assimilation of natural mineral & trace elements into the skin. If use of 'The Crème' causes continual tingling sensation, discontinue use.
Can I use ‘The Crème’ on broken skin or where skin is bleeding?
Test a small area of skin first. 'The Crème' which is a natural skin care product may cause a tingling sensation. If the tingling sensation subsides, use of 'The Crème' on broken skin should not be an issue.
How often can I use ‘The Crème’?
Apply ‘The Crème’ twice daily on your skin or as often as required. Use sparingly. Tissue off any excess cream.
Are there any side effects from using ‘The Crème’?
With different skin conditions, users of 'The Crème' have occasionally reported tiny blisters appearing. If this is the case when you apply the natural skin care treatment cream, discontinue and see what happens when blisters clear – this is most likely 'The Crème' drawing foreign matter from beneath the skin.
Should I keep using ‘The Crème’ after skin problem has cleared?
Yes. ‘The Crème’ is a great moisturizer. Moisture is needed at the epidermal layer (just underneath the skin) so as skin can carry out its elimination role.
How do I store ‘The Crème’?
Keep 'The Crème' in the refrigerator during very hot weather because of it being a natural skin care product. If separation occurs, which will happen in extreme heat, stir 'The Crème' to return it to its original state.
Has 'The Crème' been tested on animals?

No, this natural skin care product has not been tested on animals. No animal testing.

How long will it take for 'The Créme' to work?

In some cases almost instantly.

If I buy large quantities of product can I get a discount?

Yes, if you want to buy large volumes of our product, please contact us directly.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will normally be posted the next working day following receipt of your order. Orders will be received within 10 working days of placing them.

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